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Sci-Fi & Speculative Fiction


R&R Tales Untold.JPG
"The Lonely Garden" in Tales Untold
Speculative Sci-fi (PG)

Whilst the Gods move from planet to planet to find new worshippers, Antinous' thoughts remain in the past, with his lover and the man who deified him - Hadrian.

Tales Untold: Mythos around the World is a collection of 15 stories based on the different mythology and folklores around the world. If you love stories from Greek Mythology, ancient Indian folklores, English Legends, or Scandinavian mythology, then this anthology is for you.

Prismatic Dreams
"Hunters" in Prismatic Dreams
Speculative Sci-fi (PG)

Two soldiers strive for peace when they find love in a future war.

Stories take us beyond the bounds of our own lives—into new worlds and new situations. Perhaps most importantly, they invite us into new identities. Through the characters we temporarily become, we open ourselves to a rainbow of experiences. In this second All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, immerse yourself in 30 unique stories featuring LGBTQIA+ protagonists in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

Futures Anthology 2021
"More Than A Sanctuary" in Futures Anthology
Speculative Fiction (PG)

In what's left of the world, a trans man and his two children seek out a rumoured sanctuary.

This story contains content that some trans readers might find triggering.

Futures is a collection of new writing that investigates the idea of the future through various forms. What you’ll find in futures are sci-fi stories and heart-wrenching creative non-fiction, poems that take you places and essays that dive into ideas. 

Imaginary Creatures 2021
"Blessings" in Imaginary Creatures
Specualtive Fiction (18+)

Chase's Blessing is actually a curse. One that drives him to seek isolation from the world. But then he meets John, someone as equally cursed as he is, and he's already haunting Chase's new home. This story includes explicit content between a trans man and a cis man.

Imaginary Creatures, an anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance from Carnation Books, features four tales of strange and wonderful magic by up-and-coming authors in the realm of queer romance.

"Good Morning" in Kaleidoscope
Speculative Sci-fi (PG)

Auxil’s pleasant masculine timbre, with its slight metallic lilt, was meant to feel friendly and comforting. But after almost four years of being wished a good morning in such a chipper fashion, Frank couldn’t help but long for an interaction with something that displayed more than an artificial pleasantness.

Featuring an all Queer author line-up, with a collection of stories from voices all over, Kaleidoscope: A Queer Anthology, brings you through adventures, romances, nightmares, and more. 

Let The Weirdness In
"Stolen Moments" in Let The Weirdness In
Speculative Fantasy (PG)

A tale of a man who exploits the labour of women, and of where that leads him....

Let the Weirdness In: a Tribute to Kate Bush is an anthology of twenty-six stories inspired by the magic of Kate Bush. Generations of creatives have been influenced by her work, and compiled here are stories that undulate between horror and fantasy, light and dark, Love & Anger—parallel to the atmosphere evoked from Kate's art.

Universe of Attractions 2021
"A Study in The Subtle Manipulations of the Hirian Male" in Universe of Attractions
Science Fiction (18+)

Ikravan is determined to have Jamie Hajjar, even if he needs to employ some gentle manipulation to persuade the human to give into his feelings.

This story includes explicit content between a trans male human and an enthusiastic cis male alien. 

Universe of Attractions: Cross-Species Speculative Fiction Love Stories from Dead Fish Books, features twenty stories that cover the range of Speculative Fiction—Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror—as well as the entirety of Human experience. 

Summer of Speculation 2021
"The Break-Up" in Summer of Speculation: Catastrophe
Science Fiction (PG)

Sometimes a break up can feel like the end of the world. Sometimes a break up happens as the world is ending. 

Summer of Speculation: Catastrophe from Cloaked Press, features 13 speculative fiction stories exploring the theme of catastrophe.

Ask a librarian, and a little water is a catastrophe. Space travelers certainly want no trouble with their life support systems. The end of a relationship can also make one feel like their world has ended.


Orion's Beau Summer 2023
"Years of Finding" in Orion's Beau
Sci-fi Fairy Tale (PG)

Rose and Bear embark on an adventure to find Rose's missing sister, though Rose has changed somewhat since his sister last saw him.

Orion's Beau is a free digital arts & literary journal elevating fantasy, dreams, love, and fairy tales in the LGBTQ+ community and its supporters. Orion's Beau creates a space where diverse artists, poets, writers, and others can share their original works, magic, growth, and other worlds. Even in darkness, hope can exist. Happy endings are possible for us all. 

"Mars, if you can" in Unstamatic Mag
Sci-fi/Humour (PG)

Words of inspiration...

Unstamatic is an online magazine that pairs one flash prose/poetry submission with a complementary visual art submission to create each new issue. 

"Long Abandoned" in Havok
Speculative Fiction (U)

A derelict fairground, some scared teenagers and people who are not quite as they seem...

"Long Abandoned" was originally featured on GoHavok  in March 2021 as part of their "Green" theme.

It was only be available to non-members on the 5th March 2021,  you will need to be a member of the website to be able to read it.

However, you can now listen to it on the Havok Story Podcast, read by Maximilian Contreras.

Fat Cat Mag
"Floating Home" in Fat Cat Magazine
Fantasy (U)

On the surface Floating Home is a short piece about someone finding their way home. Much like the ocean, there is something deeper. 

Featuring in Fat Cat's Resurrection issue, issue 5 - “Floating Home” fits their themes of Awakening, New Beginnings and Transformation.

ACoO Issue 8.JPG
"Rivals" in A Coup of Owls
Sci-fi Romance (M)

Quince might miss other felidae, but stranded on a snow-bound planet, the last one he ever wanted to set eyes on again was
Oberon Morningheart.

A Coup of Owls is a Quarterly Online Anthology, brought to you by creators from marginalised and/or under-represented communities

Warning Lines 4
"Trust" in Warning Lines: Otherworlds
Fantasy (PG)

The Sea Witch did it wrong.

Warning Lines aims to publish and uplift the voices of queer, trans, and neurodivergent folk. Volume 4: OTHERWORLDS is a collection of poetry, fiction, and visual art belonging to the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

"Through Science to Justice" in Queerlings
Speculative Fiction (U)

Scotty's brother is coming home from the Gender Institute tomorrow and he's not going to get his science assignment finished. 

In Issue 3 of Queerlings, this teenage epistolary spec fic is also my alternate reality love letter to Magnus Hirschfeld and the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft.

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