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Novels & Novellas

A Little Lie.jpg
A Little Lie
M/M Romance Novella (18+)

A sprite and a pixie walk into a bar—
Christmas is a strange time for fae folk living in the mortal realm...

A Little Lie is a sweet and smutty age difference Christmas MM romance where a nightclub hook-up becomes a fake relationship with a Happy Ever After, in a magical place called Three Rivers City (... Truro). 

It's Not A Secret
It's Not A Secret
Trans M/M Romance Novella (18+)

Transgender Londoner Adam keeps running into an infuriatingly rude Danish migrant Elias at different points during his transition. Elias is very confused by Adam, the easy friendship they develop and how attractive he starts to find the curious self-made man.

This story includes explicit content between a trans man and a cis man

Dancing With The Count
Dancing With The Count
M/M Romance Novella (18+)

Neither seasoned dance pro Tommy Miller or celebrity chef Count Christian De Clare want to be the first same-sex pairing on Celebrity Ballroom, but it's happening. The pressure is on to not get eliminated or become the season's novelty act... which would be a lot easier if they actually liked each other. 


This sweet, tropey Christmas-time romance is a short read is chock full of intimacy, sweetness, and of course, dancing! The quick plot and medium heat level are just right for a cozy night in.


"Castles in the Air" in The Vampiricon
M/M Romance (PG)

Two vampires meet in a coffee shop, one is maybe John somebody or something, the other is the enigmatic Vlad De Ville.


(Yes this is a post-Dracula coffee shop meet cute)

The Vampiricon: Imaginings & Images of the Vampire is the second in a planned series of themed anthologies from Mind's Eye Publications™. This tome is a compendium of contemporary short fiction, poetry, critical non-fiction, and illustration on the subject of the Vampire.

Big Book of Orgasms 2
"Traveled So Far" in Big Book of Orgasms 2
Trans M/M Erotica (18+)

Kai and Anders spend their vacation at a sex resort on Centauri Prime.

This story includes explicit content between a trans man and a cis man, guest staring some inquisitive snails.

The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2 features 69 stories that sizzle in every way possible, from fantasies and fetishes to sex toys and all kinds of intimate adventures. From the thrill of anonymous sex to naked painting, car sex, kinks and exhibitionism and voyeurism, this book of erotic stories has it all. 

cunning linguists
"Blue Rising" in Cunning Linguists
Trans Male Solo Erotica (18+)

Actor Seth, rising star on a popular daytime soap is sent some very interesting fanfiction featuring his character.

This story includes explicit content featuring a trans man, and some super gay fanfic!

Cunning Linguists, a volume of: Language. Literature. Lechery. Thirty authors share clever, sensual stories of the many ways we communicate about and around our desires. From erotic epistolary tales to steamy retellings of classics, this collection bursts with memorable and hot new reading material.


OhMurr Fall2022.jpg
"Cold Hands" in OhMurr!
Furry M/M Erotica (18+)

Arden and Colm reunite once a year in Mustela City. On the anniversary of Colm's death.

Please note: OhMurr is a kink positive VERY NSFW publication. This story includes explicit content between male characters. All characters are anthropomorphised animals, and one is also a ghost...

OhMurr! Summer 2021
"There's Something I Should Tell You" in OhMurr!
Furry Trans M/M Erotica (18+)

Lake is looking for a bathroom hook-up and possibly more

Please note: OhMurr is a kink positive VERY NSFW publication. This story includes explicit content between a trans male character and cis male character. All characters are anthropomorphised animals.

A Coup of Owls Issue 00
"His Prince" in A Coup of Owls
Modern Fairy Tale Trans M/M (18+)

So much has changed when the prince turns to an old friend for help.

This story includes explicit content between a trans man and a cis man.

This is a modern day fairy tale with a transgender prince and a happy ending in the inaugural issue of A Coup of Owls.

"Sugar Dick" in Discretionary Love
Modern M/M Romance (PG)

Darren has a lot of questions about a text message on Toby's phone

This short, farcical flash fiction is featured on Discretionary Love: a mixed media platform dedicated to sharing the story of love.

Fahmidan Journal Issue 8
"Sweet Music" in Fahmidan Journal
Historical M/M Romance (PG)

Buddy had returned from the Great War with only one leg and an expectation of never again finding a lover. Then he met Frederick.

This short historical romance is featured in Fahmidan Journal Issue 8: LGBTQ+ in the Roaring Twenties.

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