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Queer Lit


Warning Lines Issue 2
"The History of My Hands" in Warning Lines
Queer Literary (PG)

I watched his strong, thick fingers slide between my slender ones. The back of his hands always lined with veins. 

A taunt of masculinity. 

This literary piece about dysphoria and self acceptance is featured in Issue 2 of Warning Lines Magazine.

"In 1995" in OutStories
Queer Literary (PG)

During lockdown I’ve been pushing myself to write more in an effort to keep the creative juices flowing as it is so easy to lose creative passion when everything around you is so hard. One recent piece I have written is a short prose about nurturing creativity - “In 1995”

"Intent" in With Confetti
Queer Literary (PG)

I had intended to read the book. 

It had been the very specific intent of my bringing it to the beach. But my actions over the last few days might attest differently.

This literary piece about infatuation and queer self acceptance is featured in Issue 1 of With Confetti.

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