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Movie Night (2019) 18+

Summary: Coby wants to watch a scary movie, Nigel wants to distract him. Welcome to movie night, come for the popcorn, stay for the edging.

Warnings: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT, Male/Male, Transgender character, Trans Male character, Trans Coby. Fingering (front hole), hand job (T-cock), Light Nipple Play (post top surgery), Edgeplay, Penetrative Sex (front hole), Riding, very happy ending.


“That’s very distracting,” Coby grumbled when Nigel shifted in his seat, squeezing the meat of Nigel’s thigh and leaving his hand there in a gentle grip. He shifted slightly, leaving his hand in place but causing the oversized sweater he enjoyed taking from Nigel’s wardrobe to reveal just a glimpse of his shoulder.

Nigel huffed but said nothing, enjoying the pressure of Coby’s hand and smiling. It was the sort of touch that Coby liked, to feel grounded when he was not have a great day. It made Nigel’s chest warm to know that he was doing the same in return. He had to hold himself back from leaning in and kissing Coby’s shoulder. He loved it when Coby was soft and relaxed like this, no button ups and smart slacks for work, even if it did mean stealing Nigel’s good sweater.

They went back to watching the movie. The scary movie.

Nigel hadn’t meant to jump, dislodging Coby slightly from where he rested back against Nigel’s chest.

It wasn’t so much that Nigel was scared of the movie, but the jump scares? Fuck he hated those. It could be a movie about kittens and jump scares would set him off - an automatic response to the years of his misspent, criminal youth. It paid to be responsive back then, but it also gave him a hair trigger when it came to reactions to certain things - like fucking jump scares.

Nigel placed his hand over Coby’s to keep it on his thigh, as he snuggled Coby close. Coby hummed his approval and they settled like that again to continue watching.

Coby grumbled at another jolt not much later, a shiver crawling over Nigel’s spine. Okay, maybe he was a little freaked - but it was still the fucking jump scares - they got his blood pumping, and not in a good way. He was growing more and more on fucking edge, like he was waiting for a drug deal to go sideways.

Nigel tried to focus on the good ways his blood got pumping and drew Coby closer to him again, dropping his lips to rest on Coby’s shoulder but making no further move. This earned an annoyed huff, which made Nigel grin. He leaned in and buried his face in Coby’s neck. This way he could avoid the jump scares whilst distracting Coby at the same time.

“I know you’re just trying to distract me,” Coby pointed out, “if you don’t want to watch the movie we can turn it off.”

“No darling, you wanted to watch it, we can watch it,” Nigel rumbled next to his sweet boy’s ear.

“Good, because I heard the twist is very surprising, but I’m sure it’s that they’re all dead already. I want to know if I’m right,” Coby explained, his breath now a little heavy despite the matter of fact tone. Maybe Nigel’s nuzzling of his neck had him thinking about good blood pumping too?

They fell silent, other than their increasingly laboured breaths, as Coby watched the movie intently. Nigel was happy to ignore the television entirely, focusing instead on worrying the soft skin at Coby’s nape.

“Nigel,” His name was almost a whine in Coby’s mouth, “Stop…”

The word was weak but meant, so Nigel stopped nuzzling at Coby but buried his face all the same.

“You don’t like this,” Coby ventured. Coby’s bluntness was one of the things he loved about him, even if he was on the receiving end at times when he didn’t want to be.

“I always like this,” Nigel deflected, “snuggling with you on the sofa is one of my favourite things.”

Coby huffed and shook his head at the same moment as some spectre flashed onto the screen.

Nigel startled, his hand at Coby’s thigh gripping so tightly that he let out a small cry of pain.

“Fuck,” Nigel muttered softly and pressed his lips to the back of Coby’s shoulder in apology.

“Please Nigel, tell me what’s wrong. I don’t like it when there is clearly something wrong but you say there isn’t. I’m not stupid.”

“Oh darling, I don’t think you’re stupid, I…” Nigel trailed off. He so wanted to keep Coby from all the bad things in his life. He had explained his past to Coby in sometimes graphic detail. There was no lying to the man and he found he didn’t want to. He had intentionally framed it in a way thought sounded less dangerous than it had been, but he had been honest all the same.

That had been years ago now, and he had wanted to keep those revelations in the past as much as the past itself. It didn’t occur to him that there would be these things, now and then, that brought the past back to the present where it didn’t belong.

That violence, that fear, that old Nigel - none of it belonged with his darling Coby.

It didn’t matter. He couldn’t lie, not to Coby.

“The film scares you,” Coby inferred before Nigel could say anything.

At that Nigel felt his chest ease, and a chuckle well up from within. He shook his head and kissed Coby’s soft nape again, nuzzling up into his hairline.

“No darling, not… I’m not scared, but it startles me. I… I’ve told you before. The shit I did when I was younger.” He felt Coby tense under his hands. “I became accustomed to reacting quickly if someone jumped out on me, or stormed into my room. When there is something startling in the film I react much the same way. It’s involuntary, like-”

“I understand,” Coby cut him off, relaxing once more and settling back against him. “We can turn it off, or… you could distract me some more, I don’t mind.”

Nigel couldn’t help the grin that spread over his face. His perfect fucking Coby. He was sure he did understand, enough to let the subject drop.

“Keep the movie on,” Nigel’s words were a low rumble as he relaxed back against the sofa and pulled Coby closer to him. He positioned himself enough so that he was almost fully reclined, with his legs either side of Coby, who lay back against his chest.

Nigel ignored the television completely, allowing Coby to continue his viewing whilst he pressed soft kisses behind Coby’s ear.

Rewarded with Coby’s breath becoming a little shorter, Nigel began to slowly pull up Coby’s - his - sweater, running his hands over exposed, warm flesh. It was difficult, but he resisted tearing it off over Coby’s head, instead gently snaking a hand up to toy with a nipple. And it was worth the effort as Coby trembled beneath his fingers.

Coby let out an almost inaudible whimper as Nigel ran his hands over him, making no move to pull the sweater off. Nigel knew how to tease his little fucking darling just right.

“So gorgeous,” Nigel muttered, resting his head to look over Coby’s shoulder and watch his finger play over soft, porcelain flesh. Coby could be cut from the same stone as statues of the old gods if not for the little tells that he was in fact human - the way his muscles quivered as Nigel’s fingers ran lightly over them, the way his flesh flushed with want.

Nigel traced along Coby’s scars before circling his fingers lightly back up to Coby’s nipples.

So fucking perfect, his Coby, now letting out a shaky breath.

Nigel loved the feel of his skin, the almost invisible downy fuzz that covered him, the muscles beneath that were toned but not overly so. The slightly more substantial, dark happy trail that Nigel now ran his fingers down to. He trailed one finger lightly over the hair, his own pulse now racing as his mind was already three steps ahead of his body.

He hesitated for a moment before starting to undo Coby’s trousers, but there was no protest, only a sharp intake of breath as Nigel continued. He could see Coby was biting on his lower lip, his brow creased slightly as he tried to watch the movie and not be distracted by the journey Nigel’s hand was making. It was fucking adorable.

Nigel swallowed, and stilled, his cock was throbbing - having Coby so pliant and open to his ministrations always was such a fucking turn on. He knew if he moved too soon he was going to come in his pants, so he stopped and caught his breath, before sliding his hand under the band of Coby’s underwear.

“Oh fuck, gorgeous. You’re so wet,” He couldn’t help but moan.

Coby nodded, releasing his bottom lip from his teeth to reply, “I’ve been very aroused since you held my hand to your thigh.”

Nigel couldn’t help a chuckle, amused and just so full of fucking love. Coby who would sit there with a stiffy so as not to disturb their movie watching. Nigel clearly hadn’t been so polite or considerate.

Nigel moved further down, sliding two fingers into Coby with a groan. He really fucking loved being inside his boyfriend in anyway he could be. He always felt so fucking perfect. He slid them in and out in slow, wet thrusts, enjoying how Coby’s breath caught on each surge inwards. Always so receptive.

“You keep watching your movie, okay darling?” Nigel growled next to Coby’s ear. It almost sounded like a threat, but Coby nodded, letting out a shaky breath as he did so.

Nigel lowered his mouth to Coby’s neck again, sucking and nipping kisses into the flesh there, slowly moving along his exposed shoulder. He enjoyed the whimper as he pulled his fingers back, only to run them up and over Coby’s little cock. Nigel grinned against Coby’s skin when he felt it twitch at his touch.

“That’s where it’s good darling,” He muttered, not expecting a reply. He did receive a few more sweet sounds from his wonderful boy as he moved his fingers either side of Coby’s cock and began to slowly pump it.

After a few minutes Coby was breathing heavily and wriggling back onto his cock, too turned on to sit still.

“Stay still Coby, I thought you wanted to watch the scary movie,” Nigel teased, stilling his hand and grinning at the whine that caused.

“Please Nigel, I need to come,” Coby replied.

“No darling, I want you to sit there and watch your movie whilst I play with you. I’m not going to let you come until the movie’s finished, okay?”

Coby let out what could only be described as a whimper, bit down on his lower lip again and nodded his consent.

Nigel stifled his own groan, his mind racing ahead to what came next now that he had committed them to this course. Or rather who and when.

His face split into a grin as he resumed sucking kisses into Coby’s neck, deep enough to show in the morning, he was sure.

He let his fingers move, a slow slide - pumping Coby’s cock and then alternating every few strokes, slipping down and inside him to slowly thrust. Within minutes he had Coby practically writhing, despite the languid approach, and he knew Coby’s cues enough to know that he’d come soon if Nigel didn’t pull back.

Which Nigel did, abruptly.

He stilled his hand completely, leaving it to rest between Coby’s legs as Coby whimpered and squirmed in an attempt to renew the movement. Instead Nigel moved his other hand, playing lightly with Coby’s left nipple and effectively caging Coby against him.

Coby’s breath hitched but he continued to pull back from the edge of his climax. Coby liked his nipples being played with, but he still didn’t have much sensitivity since his top surgery, so as pleasant as it would be for Coby, it wouldn’t have him screaming.

Nigel loved how Coby was so focused, knowing that he was struggling but clearly determined to do as they had agreed. And damn did Nigel want to test that determination.

He slipped his fingers inside Coby once more and started to gently thrust in and out, whilst making sure to graze that spongey little spot that would start slowly driving his boyfriend mad.

Coby let out a low groan and spread his legs further apart, as far as he possibly could with his trousers still on. The movement pulled the material taut and made it difficult for Nigel to move his hand other than to continue inward motions.

When Coby started letting out his adorable throaty little noises that made clear he was now incredibly close to coming, Nigel removed his entire hand from Coby’s pants. He snaked his wet fingers up Coby’s torso, as Coby let out shaky, panted breaths, shuddering against Nigel as he came down from the near-climax.

Nigel really wasn’t doing himself any favours. He was now harder than he was sure he’d ever been before in his life and Coby writhing against him would likely have him coming in his pants long before the movie was over. Even so, he was committed to the course.

He shuffled Coby a little, “Get up a little gorgeous, let’s get these pants off.”

Coby moved quickly, getting up to hover over Nigel enough for him to pull down Coby’s trousers and underwear to his knees before pulling him back into his own still clothed lap. Coby pushed the clothes the rest of the way before kicking them off and once more reclining back against Nigel.

Nigel chuckled, “Fucking eager aren’t we? Didn’t realise you were so into edging gorgeous,” Nigel muttered against the increasingly red and stubble-burned flesh of Coby’s neck.

“I… Like it when you touch me, I don’t mind when I come, just keep touching me,” Coby’s reply was blunt.

“Fuck,” Nigel muttered, wanting to palm his cock and calm that fucker down, but now Coby was back in the way of such an action and he was determined to last a little longer before rutting against his boyfriend like a fucking dog.

So instead he slid both hands down to Coby’s legs, moving them gently to his inner thighs and guiding them apart so that Coby was completely open to him. It took everything in him not to get up and dive between those legs, lick and suck at Coby’s gorgeous fucking dick until he came clenching around Nigel’s fingers. And maybe he would do that when the movie was over, but from his estimation there still had to be at the least another twenty minutes left, maybe more.

Nigel grit his teeth and started over. This time he had the room to press two fingers into Coby with one hand, whilst stroking Coby’s cock with the other. So he did exactly that, fucking his boyfriend slowly in this way until Coby started to moan again and his pulled up sweater slouched back down.

Little beads of sweat were breaking out over Coby’s skin and Nigel dearly wanted to lick them all off, but he was completely focused on his slow and torturous rhythm. He brought Coby to the edge once more and then stopped, feeling the quiver of Coby’s inner muscles, so on the verge of convulsing completely.

He did this four more times until Coby was near sobbing. In those resting moments Nigel had to pull his writhing boyfriend back up the sofa a little as he’d managed to wriggle himself down, leaving Nigel to chase after him and hunch over.

It was as Nigel lay back once more, bringing Coby up with him to lay against his chest, that the film ended.

Nigel didn’t realise at first, he had just started to push his fingers back into Coby who had let out a little cry. Nigel had just assumed it was from the overstimulation, but then the credits started to roll and Coby was moving.

It might as well have been a fucking war cry.

Coby was off him in a shot, standing and pulling his sweater off completely so he was now completely naked other than his socks. Which was a beautiful fucking picture that Nigel would dearly love to have committed to some form of permanent art.

He barely had time to consider if that should be a photo or maybe oil on canvas, when Coby was grabbing for him. He pulled at the side of Nigel’s jeans so that he was hoisted flat on his back to the edge of the sofa, leaving a small gap between him and the back of the sofa. He didn’t have time to puzzle that further, other than knowing this action was clearly seated deeply within Coby logic, when his boyfriend was attacking his fly.

It took what seemed like a split second, and simultaneously several long and gruelling minutes before Coby managed to unbutton him and pull his cock out.

Nigel almost came right then, clutching the sofa cushions in his white-knuckled fists.

He was so fucking hard and just the touch of Coby drawing him from his jeans should by rights have had him shooting his load all over them both. However, as if by some miracle, that did not happen. Which seemed like a good thing all round because then, with no preamble or conversation, Coby mounted him.

He threw his leg over Nigel into the space he’d created, the other having to remain over the edge of the sofa, straddling him and sinking down in one long movement onto Nigel’s cock.

“Holy fucking shit,” Nigel screamed the words, instantly grabbing Coby’s hips and holding on for dear life to stop his boyfriend riding him for the millisecond it was going to take for him to come. “Wait!” Nigel cried out, “Coby, wait just a-”

Coby tried to move, forcing the muscles in his arms to strain, not exactly in the best position or angle to restrain someone trying to ride his cock.

“You said I could come once the movie ended. It ended, I want to come… Like this…”

Nigel let out a part chuckle part sob of exquisite agony, not relaxing his grip as he squeezed his eyes shut and let his head fall back. Coby took the opportunity to push Nigel’s t-shirt up under his chin, stopping just shy of wrestling it off him, but bearing him well enough.

“You’re going to fucking kill me,” Nigel groaned. Coby had this way of talking dirty when he didn’t even realise or intend it. Or maybe it was just that anything Coby said that was remotely sexual made Nigel want to fuck?

At his words Coby stilled and there was some concern in his expression, his eyes were on Nigel’s when Nigel opened his again. Those fucking baby blues. He would fucking live and die for those eyes.

“Are you sick?” Coby asked with a raised brow.

“I’m probably going to pass out when I come if I let you ride me the way you appear to be intending, but-”

“Oh, I thought you meant you might have a heart attack. You are getting older and we have been edging for quite some time now.”

Fucking older? Nigel was taken aback by that and the mention of them both edging - because they fucking had been, hadn’t they? If he was going to torture Coby like this again in future, he might want to consider not having the boy practically rutting his cock whilst doing so.

Nigel was about to growl about the age comment - he was only ten fucking years older than Coby, a grown fucking man, not like he was a cradle robber or something - when Coby’s mouth quirked into a smile.

“Little shit,” Nigel growled.

Coby lit up with a crooked fucking smile and a light chuckle that made Nigel’s hold on him relax as he tried not to come from the clenching the laugh caused.

How the fuck was he able to joke with a hard cock in him after all that edging? And Coby’s humour was always so-

“Ahh fuck! Hnng…” Nigel cried out as Coby started to ride him - hard. No hesitation, just taking what he was promised.

Every muscle in Nigel’s body drew tight as he willed himself not to come. At the very fucking least he’d promised Coby he could and he was damn well not going to just shoot his load and then leave Coby to it. Because truth was, if that happened, Nigel wasn’t sure he’d have the physical capacity to go down on Coby or finger him until he came off, so he wasn’t. going. to. fucking. come.

He clenched his fucking toes and balled his fists as Coby’s hands gripped into his thick, dark chest hair and his boyfriend proceeded to ride him hard. He barely lifted from Nigel’s dick, grinding on it instead as he fucked himself back and forth so that the friction was doing nice things to his own little cock.

Nigel was so close he wanted to fucking cry, could even feel the tears in the corners of his eyes as he tried not to come.

Coby’s moans and grunts weren’t helping. He already looked half fucking blissed out as his thighs gripped tight against Nigel and he undulated towards his pleasure.

The only way out of it, as far as Nigel could formulate with his brain almost entirely a puddle of goo, was to make Coby come. And he already knew he was close, each time he’d taken Coby to the edge it had been more and more of a near thing. If Nigel’s fingers were still on him, he’d having him coming in-

Nigel, with a hand stiff from gripping the sofa cushions, reached forward and lay two fingers against Coby’s cock. It wasn’t like a clit - bigger, a different shape really - it wasn’t as easy as just pushing a fucking button. Ignoring the shitty angle for his wrist, Nigel parted his fingers one either side of Coby’s cock. He didn’t even need to move them, Coby was already driving against them - hard cock inside him and now a more targeted friction for him to fuck against.

“Please,” Nigel found himself groaning, feeling the slide of Coby’s gorgeous fucking cock between his fingers and the tight heat of him around his own cock. He could marvel for days on end at how this sweet, sexy fucking angel had somehow decided to fall in love with him.

Never was that wonder more flowing through Nigel than when he saw the fucking amazing expression Coby wore when Nigel made him come.

Coby cried out, his mouth going slack for a moment before he whimpered and bit down on his lower lip, his brow creased in a frown. He made a few more sweet little noises as he continued to ride out his orgasm - pushing Nigel’s hand off his now over sensitive cock, but milking Nigel for all he was worth.

And he really was milking him. Because Nigel came the same split second that Coby did. That first hint at the pressure of Coby’s inner muscles closing in on him, had him spilling hot and deep inside Coby. As Coby rode out his climax the tears started to fall from Nigel’s eyes, it fucking hurt so good.

After what seemed like a lifetime, during which Nigel’s cock became over-sensitive to the point of agony, Coby stopped.

He was panting and shaking, he’d come fucking hard too. And he was smiling. Like a fucking angel with the light behind him and his now sweat damp curls framing his face. Nigel could die in that moment and be happy.

Coby let out a light chuckle and let himself fall forward, pressing their sweaty bodies together and nuzzling against Nigel’s neck as he practically curled into his chest. Nigel felt himself soften and slip out of Coby, come following after, though Coby seemed too blissed to care for now. They’d get a shower shortly, but he was more than happy to damn well snuggle his messy Coby as long as he’d allow it.

Nigel wrapped his arms around Coby, nuzzling into his sweaty hair and breathing in the scent of him all sexed out. When he closed his eyes and let out a contented hum, Coby did the same before sleepily mumbling against Nigel’s skin, “We should have a scary movie night more often.”

Nigel huffed a laugh, “We really fucking should.”

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