Max Turner is a gay transgender man based in the United Kingdom. He writes speculative and science fiction, fantasy,  horror, furry fiction and LGBTQ+ romance and erotica, and more often than not, combinations thereof.

COMING SOON: A Little Lie by Max Turner

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On sale 16th December 2022
a modern m/m Christmas romance with a fae twist
bar hook-up becomes fake relationship
21,000 words of fluff, smut and self discovery

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15th Nov 2022
This Story Features:
Gay protagonists
Tales Untold: Mythos From Around The World
Featuring "The Lonely Garden" by Max Turner


Whilst the Gods move from planet to planet to find new worshippers, Antinous' thoughts remain in the past, with his lover and the man who deified him - Hadrian.

Tales Untold: Mythos around the World is a collection of 15 stories from Ravens & Roses Publishing based on the different mythology and folklores around the world. If you love stories from Greek Mythology, ancient Indian folklores, English Legends, or Scandinavian mythology, then this anthology is for you.

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