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About The Nature of The Creature
About The Nature of The Creature
Urban Fantasy-Gothic Horror Novel (15)

After a century of exile Constance has been drawn back to Bristol, England. Since her departure the lair of the Creatures has been turned in a very dangerous nightclub, and a religious sect bent on the “redemption” of her kind are getting worryingly close. As Connie attempts to discover the root of her return, and right some of the wrongs in her past, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her own existence. 


Writing as L.E. Turner


Bodies Full of Burning
"This Is Yours" in Bodies Full of Burning
Speculative Horror (15)

The government insists that Sam have his womb back.

This story contains content that some trans readers might find triggering.

With Bodies Full of Burning, Nicole M. Wolverton has selected 16 stories which show how deadly the change of life can be. From state-sanctioned surgeries to transformative encounters with mythical creatures; strained relationships to fiery vengeance, these tales offer thoughtful insights into a topic rarely viewed through the lens of horror. Menopause can be hell. 


Lucierra Issue 1
"Try Your Key" in Lucierra
Speculative Horror (15)

It's Nicolas's time to play the game and try his key.

This dystopian tale of cruel games and future offenders is featured in Issue 1 of Lucierra.