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Max Turner is a gay transgender man based in the United Kingdom. He writes speculative and science fiction, fantasy,  horror, furry fiction and LGBTQ+ romance and erotica, and more often than not, combinations thereof.

Queeird cover teaser.jpg
Available Summer 2023
Androids and aliens, werewolves and vampires, furries and… tentacles?
A collection of unusual, and at times monstrous, erotica featuring
trans masculine characters.

Latest Releases

30th Jan 2023
This Story Features:
M/M protagonists
The Vampiricon: Imaginings & Images of the Vampire
Featuring "Castles in the Air" by Max Turner

Two vampires meet in a coffee shop, one is maybe John somebody or something, the other is the enigmatic Vlad De Ville.

The Vampiricon: Imaginings & Images of the Vampire is the second in a planned series of themed anthologies from Mind's Eye Publications™. This tome is a compendium of contemporary short fiction, poetry, critical non-fiction, and illustration on the subject of the Vampire.


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